"Well done everyone!" The Children's Trust uses the ImPACTS curriculum

ImPACTs Curriculum

The ImPACTS curriculum was designed by Rosewood Free School in Southampton. For parents that recognise P-levels, it was designed for those operating at P-scale 1 to 4, although it can cater for pupils working beyond this and into national curriculum levels.

ImPACTS offers a specialised curriculum in five key skills areas:

  • Communication
  • Cognitive skills
  • Environmental control technology
  • Social and emotional wellbeing
  • Physical skills (gross and fine motor)
ImPACTS Curriculum logo (Individualised profile assessment curriculum target setting) - making progress matter.
The development of each key skill includes multidisciplinary working and the School using the expertise of relevant professionals to enhance the content and accuracy of the assessments and curriculum delivery. Pupils gain knowledge, understanding and skills that support them to develop, acquire and consolidate steps and stages appropriate to them. The curriculum recognises and values 'learning via ongoing routines' such as eating, drinking and through personal care.  The curriculum is non-published. The reasoning behind this being that up-to-date research, educational and clinical knowledge is applied on an ongoing basis informed by the latest research findings.

Assessing progress at The Children's Trust School

All pupils are assessed on an individual basis and we gather a wide range of evidence to show pupils learning. We have a detailed approach that allows the School to collate meaningful evidence that highlights progress and alerts the whole multidisciplinary team to achievement and early signs of regression. Please ask about our evidence, achievement and progress books and our assessment framework for further information.

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