Starting with us

Attendance and absence

We acknowledge that some of the children and young people we support are, at times, impacted by complex health and medical needs. However, we expect that all of the pupils admitted attend school on a daily basis between the hours of 9:30am and 4:00pm in accordance with the term dates provided. For children and young people that cannot attend school once they have started with us, we must have a specific reason. Legally, schools and local authorities have a duty to ensure that we know why those on our registers are not with us and we are duty bound to report any pupils that we consider may be 'children at risk of missing education'. We are duty-bound to ensure that we trace those children and ensure that they receive full-time education.

Term dates

We operate a 48 or 52 week residential programme of which 39 weeks are educational and nine are based around extra-curricular and social activities during half terms and holidays.


We currently do not have a school uniform, although we do intend to introduce one.

Three easy ways to change a child's life

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